What do You Play in Life?

What do you play in life?

It doesn’t have to be outside. You can play inside your house, though that’s a bit dangerous. Do you actually play? Do you do something else? I don’t usually play, but when I really want to, I wouldn’t have the time. So either way, I just never really play. Life gets a bit tiring already. What’s the point if it wastes time and saps your energy along with it? You could do something much more useful to help you go to college or collect experience to create a business to earn lots of money later on.

Okay! That sounded boring.

Image result for play quotes
I like this quote.

Who wants to work every day to reach your goal of leading a successful life? That makes life actually a bit boring. I would not want that. If life was all work and no play, then we’d all be dead from overworking. Me, dying? No no, no thank you. Especially from working. I would from other things. Like drowning. Wait, that turned a bit dark.

Either way, life can be full of seriousness, fun, or both. I would rather lead a life full of fun, but I need to work to have fun, so the choice would be both.

What do you do for fun? I like to read for fun. Most people wouldn’t do that. They’ll exclaim, Oh it’s too many words, I don’t like to do that, That’s boring, or whatever. They’ll probably go on their phones instead, posting their story on Snapchat.

Well, what do you consider fun? Some people don’t like playing outside, some people do. Let’s see… the outside things you could do would be: handball, hiking, walking, playground, tag, capture the flag, flag football, soccer, basketball, bicycling, chalk, four corners, gardening, all things exercise and involving a lot of energy. Some people don’t like staying inside, while others do. Inside things, for example: reading, chess, guitar checkers, interior decorating, puzzles, comics, origami, piano, something involving less energy, and more on using your brain. By the way, no technology, so no phones, video games, binge-watching, or anything else. This is a time to bond with others together, not through a screen or call.

Are you an extrovert? An introvert? That’s okay. Just play with nothing in mind. No stress, no school, no job, no work. That sounds pretty nice, right? Children play because they just want to have fun. The rest of us should have fun too.

I want start and end my days in fun. That would make me happy. But, the truth is, less kids are able to play, having to learn and stay at home because their parents want them to. Then what would happen? Would people become less happy from it? More and more young adults have anxiety, stress, and depression. This happening from their suffocating environment, and feeling like they can’t do anything, that they can’t be free. That they can’t do whatever their heart desires. To let go of sad feelings and bad emotions to adrenaline and enjoyment and happiness.

So, right now, at this moment, do you feel like playing? Are you feeling down right now, for many other reasons? That you can’t do anything no matter what you try? That you wish for this moment to end? To never appear again, to not happen for the rest of your life. To end? Or… Do you feel like stretching your wings up to the sky in this feeling of euphoria that you hope this day, this hour, this minute, this moment, would never end? What do you do to make you feel that way?

What do you play in life?


The Things I Would Do if I Traveled to Korea

I like to travel. A lot. I’m told that lists are a good way to tell people and also to tell yourself. So-

The Things I Would Do if I Traveled to Korea:

1. Eat Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki is a type of Korean street food, made of rice cake, fish cake, chili sauce, and other things. It tastes delicious! But spicy. I want to try it in Korea.

Image result for drawing of tteokbokki

2. Go to the Line Store

Many people know about this app and franchise, and it’s mainly used in Korea to chat with other people. It’s called Line. Their main characters are a bear, duck, and bunny, with the rest three humans, a caterpillar, a cat, a female bear, a panda, and a frog. In order, they’re named Brown, Sally, Cony, Moon (round), James (blond), Boss (old), Edward, Jessica, Choco, Pangyo, and Leonard (they are Line Friends). Line has teamed up with BTS, to make a game called BT21. The characters in the game are called Chimmy, Koya, RJ, Cooky, Shooky, Mang, and Tata. All of these characters have their own merchandise, and I want to buy some of them.

Line Store in Seoul


3. Check Out Myeong-dong

Myeong-dong is a shopping hub, a very ideal place for tourists to go to. Full, of shops, international brands, department, and cosmetic, and food, casual eateries and street vendors. You should go to these kinds of places to get a taste of what Korea is like.

Related image
Myeong-dong at Night


4. Visit The Changdeokgung Palace

This palace is one of the Five Grand Palaces. It’s part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage. Very historical. I want to visit its secret garden. It’s said to be very beautiful.

Image result for changdeokgung palace seoul
Juhamnu Pavilion in the Huwon Secret Garden

5. Visit the Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju

This temple is also part of UNESCO World Heritage. Also very historical and very beautiful. A lot of people say it’s as beautiful as the Huwon Secret Garden. You should go when it’s quiet though. Better to appreciate the scenery, buildings, and statues that way.

Bulguksa Temple in Summer

6. Go on a USO DMZ Tour

The tour you go to to visit the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Well, not in it, just around the border. I still want to visit it; it sounds fun to go into a tunnel surrounded by army soldiers armed with guns. Yup, definitely fun.

DMZ - Goseong Unification Observatory

7. Check Out War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea is a national monument. It commemorates the deaths involved in the Korean War. It also exhibits materials from the war, and the entrance fee is free! Fabulous for history geeks! Even though I’m not one, I’m still going.

The Entrance to the War Memorial of Korea


Extra: I found a really good site for tips if you’re going to Korea. The person (author) actually lives in Korea, so she tells you a lot of what to expect and what to do when you travel there.


This is the blog with nothing.

Existence is elsewhere.
— André Breton, “The Surrealist Manifesto”

I haven’t done any posts with doing nothing at all, so this is the post with nothing. I also haven’t finished anything that I’m writing right now.

So, I want you to do nothing for about 5 minutes. Lay on the couch, sit on the chair, sprawl on the ground in front of your sibling’s room to annoy them, just be in a comfortable position.

Don’t move a lot, just be there. You can think, or you can stare into space. You can do it for more than 5 minutes or do it less than 5 minutes. You won’t be able to know how long you’ve been doing it though. No phones or devices near you please.

I’m going to count for five minutes on here because I don’t know what else to do right now.


That took so long!

How do you feel?

Well, that’s it. Make sure to always take a break once in a while! Let your brain rest.

It’s an Action Story (Probably) Part 1

How does one write something interesting? Or do something interesting? Things that people like and laugh, or read and cry, or one that’s exalting.

Mine are all, meh, it’s alright. It’s a bit mellow. No change in emotion. I feel like that’s all I ever write or do or feel most of the time.

Okay, let’s I’m going to write something different than my usual mood. Long or short, sad or happy? I don’t know, but I’m going to find out! (With some action!) Maybe.

An extra note: I was going to publish this on Friday, February 1, but I forgot, so I’m publishing it now, on February 4. Hahahahaha…… I’m forgetful.

“BE QUIET!!…What do you want…? I was in the middle of saying something nice…”
― Tite Kubo, Bleach, Volume 01


“Get up you lousy muck.”

That’s the first sentence I hear in my drowsiness before a sudden heavy object lands on me not so elegantly.

Rubbing my eyes and yawning, I see a blurry man- no wait, not a man, a blurry boy. Ok, I know who it is now.

“Get up you dead weight,” I reply.

“You’re supposed to get up though.” He says.

“Well, how am I supposed to get up with a lousy dead weight of a brother on me!” I counter.

He holds his chin with his left hand. “Oh yeah, you’re right.” He gets off the bed and leaves, stopping at the doorway. “Well then, mom wants you downstairs in no more than 20 minutes, dressed and ready to go out.” He parts from the room, walking down the hallway.

“Yeah yeah, I got it,” I voice down the hall from my bed.



Ten minutes lying in bed and ten minutes getting ready later…

Dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, I walk downstairs to my mom cooking some pancakes and placing them on a plate.

“Ooh, my favorite breakfast food of the day,” I tell her as I’m sitting down on a stool at the granite kitchen counter. “Do you want me to do something for you?”

“How did you know?” She answers back, pouring syrup and placing berries around.

“It’s obvious because first, you only make me pancakes when you want me to do something and second, you’re dressed in your I’m-ready-to-break-men’s-hearts-today outfit.” She turns around, the plate looking dazzling and delicious sitting in her hands.

“Awww, you know me so well! This is why you’re my favorite!” she says happily as she puts it down in front of me, ready to eat with a knife and a fork.

“I’ll say no to that but I’ll happily accept any pancakes you give me. Thank you very much.” Readying my utensils, I swoop down to eat my breakfast. But to no avail,  for I suddenly get shaken around by the shoulders, my mom talking to me in a pleading tone.

“But honey! I need to go shopping today! I need you to go with me as my chauffeur and bag holder! Please!”

“Hmm,” I look up as in thought, and then down again, with a defiant, “no.”

“What if I got you some cinnamon rolls?” she counters back, unfazed.

Damn, hit my weakness right in the middle. She knows I’m a sucker for sweets. She got me good.

“Um…,” I look into her eyes and then away, “how many cinnamon rolls would that be?”

“How about a dozen?” she responds, looking like she already won the battle.

“Mmmm… fine!” I wretchedly say. “But the first thing we do when we get there is getting my cinnarolls! I don’t want you to say you forgot what you promised to me and then not get them in the end.”

“Yay, we’re going to the mall! We’re going to the mall, we’re going to the mall, we’re going to the mall, we’re going…” Mom sings as she dances excitedly on the kitchen tiled floor.

My brother right then enters the kitchen from upstairs, looking in at the scene of mom dancing happily.

“What’s got her so cheerful this Saturday morning,” he questions at me with a look in his eyes that couldn’t care less.

“Mall, chauffeur, bag-holder, cinnamon rolls,” I spout out.

“Ah, she wants to go to the mall so she bribed you with cinnarolls to be her chauffeur and bag-holder.” He nods in understanding, then leaves, taking with him an apple from the fruit basket on the counter, singing as he did so. “Normal day, normal life. Mom gives brother some strife. Ends up going her way. Oh, what a lucky day!” Singing stopping, he continues. “For me, though. Mom’s gonna run you through. Haahahahaha!” taking a bite out of his apple as he walks out of sight, pointing his finger at me as he did so.

Sighing, I thought to myself, why do I have to do this, I’m the older one! Well, I can’t escape from this now. Time to leave.

Grabbing my jacket and wallet, I walk to the door, where mom mysteriously appears with her purse and makeup on (How do women do these things so fast?!), and we walk out to the car. As a chauffeur, I have to open the car door for her, and she happily hums as she sits in the vehicle. Walking to the driver’s side, I get in, start the engine, and then drive out of the driveway, onto the street, and to the mall.

A Tree with Notes

“Hello, it’s me. I’m in California dreaming about…” nothing, I dream nothing.

OK moving on now.


The Quote/Book

I put a tree with notes up there. The picture down below that I horribly made are the people making the notes.

The notes are supposed to travel to the tree.

I’m feeling a little mellow, so this blog is going to be mellow throughout, most likely, I think. I change moods a lot.

The pictures and quote I put were supposed to be based on music and trees, which resembles nature. There is a bit of loneliness, though, but one could choose to be lonely or not. The quote portrays loneliness and trees. The first picture portrays music and trees. The second picture that I terribly made portrays music, but not loneliness.

Being lonely with only your music as you sit down with your back against a tree seems pretty serene. If you did it, you would probably feel at peace with some soft music.

If you were with another person and there’s music. For example, sitting in the car with the radio. You sing along with another person and you just feel happy with them.

Which do you prefer?

A Story I Read About (from xxxHolic)

This is a ghost story, from xxxHolic (this is the first anime episode in English subtitles of xxxHolic, go find the episode with the ghost story somewhere else). It’s a manga that mingles a bit with another manga, Tsubasa. By somebody I forgot (I found out, it’s by Clamp). This ghost story was told at night, in a room with a candle in each corner, to ward out the evil spirits. Check out the manga, if you like supernatural and mysterious things. This is what I remember, so I might miss some of it or get some of it wrong. I might just add some of my own things too.

There was a motel, only two floors, with six bedrooms on the second floor. The couple who owned the building had a son, and they were very happy.

One day, though, on a rainy night, like ours (remember- this is a telling of a ghost story), the husband and wife were murdered, the son missing. The authorities couldn’t figure out who killed them, and the case stayed unsolved. Empty, the building seemed haunted, and nobody wanted to come inside. Six people, together, bought the building, for a very cheap price, since the realtors wanted to get rid of it. The group was in desperate need for a place to stay, and this was dirt cheap.

Each finding their own room, one person found out that all were occupied, even though there were six rooms. Counting in the hallway, he found out that there were only five, even though there were six windows (all hotels and motels only have rooms on one side of the hallway, instead of 12, like in an American hotel, there are six). There was a wall at the end of the hallway though, making the total rooms in the hallway only at five.

He bunked in a room with a friend, the one at the end of the hallway, solving the problem. At the end of the day, they all slept, dark outside with silence surrounding the house (it’s now a house). Skritch, skritch, goes in a room. Skritch, skritch; the sound of it was like a claw, dragging its finger down the wall. Skritch, skritch. One wakes to hear this, the man bunking with his friend. He listens to the dragging, going on and on, and can’t sleep from the noise, staying awake throughout the whole night.

The other occupants sleep soundly for the second and third night, but the man, he stays awake and he hears the sound. Skritch, skritch. Again and again for another two nights. He can’t sleep. The fourth day, they ask him what’s wrong, why he has bags around his eyes. What was wrong?

He answers them, sullying their curiosity, but bringing them a bit of worry. Oh no. Oh, dear. Oh, man. Uh oh. Oh, um, okay. Different responses ringing out from them. That night, all of them stayed awake and heard the sound the man had been hearing for a full three nights. Skritch, skritch. Skritch skritch skritch skritch. Skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch. All in succession throughout the night. Never stopping, never ceasing, echoing, keeping the adrenaline up in the people’s veins the whole night.

The next day. We’ve got to get rid of that sound, one says. But where does it come from, how do we find it? a woman asks. Call the authorities, a man says. Yes, that would work. Yes, yes, we should definitely. I’ll go call them. Responses and muttering come out from the inhabitants. One of them calls the police, explaining the situation, however incredulous it was. The man who first heard the nightly sounds, was mumbling to himself. Mumbling incoherently, but still mumbling to himself about how this was going to work out, his problem will be solved and his life could go back to normal, sleeping soundly. The police promised to take a look tomorrow night, leaving the group to another sleepless night.

The police arrive during the evening the next day. Checking out the house, they ask the inhabitants about this “house”. Explaining the story, the police look in the hallway and say, but there are only five rooms, where’s the sixth room? We don’t know, they reply, there’s a wall after the fifth room, but the sounds are coming from behind it. Mmhmm, they say.

Their solution is to break down the wall with a sledgehammer. To discover who or what was producing the sounds throughout the whole night. After a man-sized hole was built, a few officers and some of the occupants walk into the rest of the hallway where the sixth room is.

Opening the door, what they see in the room, shocks them internally. Written all over the walls, in varying sizes, in the dark, red color of blood, are these words written over and over again. ——– Dad, please let me out.

It’s not a scary story, but it’s a ghost story. I started this a couple weeks after Halloween and finished a couple weeks later, so I published this a month after Halloween. Yay! So it was a bit late, that’s fine, because I finished this story on the day it was raining. Yay! Yeah okay. I’m done now.


Well, this is just going to be a few paragraphs. Today, I was scared for my life and for other lives.

Today, we have people coming over for dinner, so there will be some cooking involved. I enter the house, and hear a thumping sound. While hugging the women, saying hi, I come across my mom’s friend. Hitting onion stalks with a big knife. They couldn’t find the regular pestle you use to beat vegetables, so they used a knife.

She used the large knife (it was like a butcher’s knife size) sideways so she could break the onion stalks. When she switched sides, with the blade that she’s holding up and using the handle to beat it.

I was like no no noooo, please don’t do that, very worried for my life and hers and the others around me, all women too. All the men were sitting down. When the pestle was found, I was like, phew, thank god, even though I’m not Christian.

I left the kitchen and let the women do their things. They’re scary.

Image result for holding the blade of a knife
It was held like this, but the knife was three times bigger. (This is a random picture.)